Pyoderma / Impetigo

(1) Topical Treatment with Provodone Iodine or diluted Betadine (2x a day for a week)

(2) Shampoo Treatment with Hibiclens (nightly)

(3) Oral Treatment with Cephalexin (if tiopical doesn't work within a week)

Purchase Cephalexin 250mg/5mL (50mg/mL)  100mL Bottle.  Tap bottle lightly to loosen powder.  For the 100mL bottle, add 68mL of water in two portions.  Shake well after each addition.  After mixing, store in refrigerator.  Shake well before use.  Discard unused portion after 14 days. <<For 15mL bottle, add 10.4mL of water in two portions; for 50mL bottle, add 34mL in two portions>>

When mixed as directed, each mL in your bottle will contain 50mg of Cefadroxil.  This will be administered orally at a dosage of 10mg/lb of body weight daily for a minimum of 7 days; maximum of 21 days.  Typically takes 3 weeks total. 

Since there's 50mg/mL, there are 10mg/.2mL

For each lb, a puppy must get 10mg (.2mL)

To find your dosaging, take your puppy's weight x .2mL = "X" mL twice a day.  For example:

Puppy Weight              mL to administer every 8 hours

1 lb                              .2mL

1.25 lbs                        .25mL

1.5 lbs                          .3mL

2 lbs                             .4mL

5 lbs                              1.0mL


*Watch for any adverse reactions as this may cause diarrhea or vomiting and must be given with food to help prevent the upset stomach.


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