Retiring from Great Danes

It saddens my heart to say that I will no longer be breeding this amazing breed.  I've spent the last 24 years raising and breeding my Danes, trying to perfect them to the AKC standard while also breeding for health and temperament.  I've put alot of time, energy, and research into Danes.  I've dedicated most of my life to them and my dedicated breeding program.  I am hoping to continue breeding, with the use of my applications, contracts, and my spay/neuter agreements, as well as get back into the show ring in the future, however, it will be with a much smaller breed.  I still have alot of contacts in the Dane world, so if you are looking for a puppy or an adult to adopt, please let me know.  I will ALWAYS be available to my past puppy buyers or anyone else looking to buy, to answer any questions I can and for support.  I enjoy educating others on the breed.  Just because I'm no longer actively breeding, I will continue to stand behind all of my puppies and the wonderful families I have met in this long and rewarding journey I've had!