Emricks Arrius Persuasive Sensation (Arri / Stonewall)

Emricks Arrius Persuasive Sensation (Arri / Stonewall)

  • Litter: D
  • Registration Type: Limited
  • Spay / Neuter Received: Received
  • Location: Maryland

On December 8th, 2006, Arri along with his 10 other littermates were delivered in a warm room in the home of Mafia Danes, formerly Emrick Danes.  I was looking for that perfect blue boy to place into the show ring and I had found him in Arri.  I had kept Arri until he was approximately 5 months old, this of which was when I was strong-armed into finding him a new home by my ex.  (Hence why he is called my ex.)  At this time, I had found Arri an amazing home with a local family.  This is where he stayed until approx. April 2009.  We had received a frantic call from Arri's "mom" telling us that he had bit a kid that was running through her home with her other children.  Apparently Arri had mouthed at the kid as he was running and broke skin, terrifying both the child and Arri's mom.  Arri was immediately placed in the basement and the call to us was made.

Upon further investigation, it had seemed that Arri had taken the status of Alpha within the home.  As there wasn't a male figure in the home, he had decided that he would rule the house and demand things be his way.  He had free roam of the home, sleeping wherever he thought fit, and eating as he pleased.  Arri's mom had not let this happen intentionally, however she was just spoiling him as he was her "rock" in tough times.  This lack of a firm hand led to Arri's unruly and aggressive attitude.  With having small children in the home, Arri's mom decided that she could no longer properly care for Arri nor did she want to take the risk of another incident happening.   It looked like my perferct show Dane may be coming back home to me. 

As it had turned out, we actually recieved both a phone call and a puppy application a few days before from a family located in VA that were looking for an adult Dane that they could buy and train.  The young girl said that she actually trained other dogs for obedience, agility, and CGC.  After a phone interview with her, we had all decided that maybe she could be the saving grace that Arri needed for his proper training.  The 6 of us, Jim and I, Aimee & Arri, and Julia and her other half then met half-way in the parking lot of the Home Depot in Upper Marlboro, MD.  At first sight Julia was in love with Arri; and oh how much I had missed him myself!   Aimee was not as happy that evening however she knew in her heart that it was for the best for Arri.  Arri was now being accepted into his 3rd home.  This however did not last long.

Around the end of May 2009, we had received a phone call from Arri's new mom, Julia, telling us that Arri had attacked someone that had walked into her home.   Immediately, red flags went up and I was fearing the worst for Arri.  The young man that was attacked by Arri was ok, however it could have been much worse and it seemed he was getting more aggressive.  We had made several calls and emails to other Dane owners that we knew to see if anyone had the means to take on the proper training for an aggressive Dane.  I was talking SERIOUS boot camp for him, otherwise, it looked as if he may have had to be put down.  The idea of this broke my heart as I knew he was not bred nor raised in my home to have an aggressive bone in his body. 

Finally, on June 7th, 2009, Julia and Curt met with Stacey, the Rescue Coordinator for MAGDRL.  From the previous conversations, Stacey was also fearful that Arri would have to be put down, however after meeting him in person, she too saw that he was not aggressive by nature and that he just needed the right kind of care and training to bring him back down from his alpha status.  Arri apparently charmed her so much that she personally took Arri into her OWN home; now his PERMENANT home.  Jim and I are both very thankful for Stacey and her family for saving Arri and getting him away from a destructive path. 

We briefly spoke to Stacey over the phone around the Christmas holidays and she could only say wonderful things about Arri.  He is doing very well in his new home.  He has a large yard to play in, other 4-legged brothers that he pesters and plays with, and a loving "mom" and "dad" to teach him right from wrong with loving yet firm hands.  We hope to contine the contact with Arri's new family and to keep everyone updated on his progress.  We want to thank everyone that was involved with finding Arri his new home, including Alexei and Alla Miagkov, Zena's family and Arri's sister. 

When it comes to Great Danes, we are ALL family members to them and look after each and every one of them as if they were our own. 

UPDATE:  On September 1st, 2010, Arri, my pick of my litter male from my D Litter, passed due to bloat. His family was with him when he passed so he at least had the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones.

"I hope this email finds you and your family well.  I've put off writing with this very sad news about Stonewall.  We lost him on September 1, he bloated.  We were with him when he passed, which I'm thankful for that. 

We miss him so much, we will never be the same because of him.  He was the most beautiful animal and he brought us so much joy.  He could make us laugh and smile with even just the slightest tilt of his head, or wrinkle of his brow. 

Thank you for letting him be a part of our lives - we loved him so much. "