Mafia’s Flamingo Hill Bugsy’s Baby (Padmae / Queen Amidala)

  • Purple (Female)

Mafia’s Flamingo Hill Bugsy’s Baby (Padmae / Queen Amidala)

  • Lives in Bridegton, NJ with her new family!
  • Litter: H
  • Ribbon Color: Purple (previously yellow at 1 day old)
  • Height: 30"
  • Weight: 09/30/17 - 95 lbs
  • Registration Type: Limited
  • Location: Bridegton, NJ


"Even before you came into this world, you were in my heart.  Markings:  All blue with white toes on her right back foot."   1 day old    .62 lbs   (11/09/16) 


"ENERGY!  This little girl is a mover and doesn't slow down.  She is all over the puppy bed, searching and feeling out every corner, every thread.  I have a feeling she will be a good companion for the busy family that is comstantly on the go or for the outdoor family that likes hiking, biking, etc."   1 week old    1 lb   (11/16/16) 


"Eyes are open, ears are open, and this little gal was AMAZING when it came to getting her nails done!  Very relaxed and chill and just enjoyed being held.  I hate to put this little girl down!  She also did very well with the Bio-Sensor exercises.  She also enjoys wrestling with her litter mates as she is all over the bed."   3 weeks old    2.16 lbs   (11/30/16) 


"Full play is in session!  These little ones have sharp teeth, lapping goats milk on their own as a supplement to mom, and have gained enough strength and coordination that they are walking all over, no longer stumbling.  There's already been horse-play, with tugging, pulling, growling, and fiesty paws! Don't let Padmae's sweet and innocent face deceive you... she will sit quietly and patiently, and when you look away, she will paw at you and give you a sassy little growl to get your attention."   4 weeks old    3.1 lbs   (12/07/16)