Mafia’s Halfway Harry Stompanato (George Washington / GW)

  • Dark Blue (Male)

Mafia’s Halfway Harry Stompanato (George Washington / GW)

  • Lives in Tewksbury, MA with his new family!
  • Litter: H
  • Ribbon Color: Dark Blue
  • Height: 34”
  • Weight: 11/17 - 145 lbs
  • Registration Type: Limited
  • Spay / Neuter Received: 07/23/18
  • Location: Tewksbury, MA

Dark Blue Collar

"Even before you came into this world, you were in my heart.  Markings:  All blue with a small white patch on chest."   1 day old    1.21 lbs   (11/09/16) 


"As I'm about ready to take his 1 week photos, I pick him up into my arms and begin to play with him, thinking I would wake him up and get him peppy for photos.  Was I ever wrong!  This little guy was as calm as could be!  Nothing that I did phased him.  Very relaxed and chill personality."   1 week old    1.45 lbs   (11/16/16) 


"Eyes are open, ears are open, and this little guy was an A+ student when it came to getting his nails done!  Very relaxed and chill and actually fell asleep in my lap as I trimmed the daggers!  He also did very well with the Bio-Sensor exercises.  His littermates wrestle with him, but he grumbles at them as he would rather sleep."   3 weeks old    3.56 lbs   (11/30/16) 


"Full play is in session!  These little ones have sharp teeth, lapping goats milk on their own as a supplement to mom, and have gained enough strength and coordination that they are walking all over, no longer stumbling.  There's already been horse-play, with tugging, pulling, growling, and fiesty paws!  Poor George was the victim to mom's horse-play as she slammed down her paw right on top of him causing a little Seroma on the top of his noggin!  Don't fear, big ol' GW was a champ and acted cool as a cucumber... but Tanya-Momma still gave him lots of loves and kisses!"   4 weeks old    4.7 lbs   (12/07/16) 


   6 months old    80 lbs   (04/26/17) 


  10 months old    135 lbs   (09/11/17) 

(Video Courtesy of owner Peter C. and can be viewed on our YouTube Channel)