Mafia’s Happy Maione (Uma)

  • Orange (Female)

Mafia’s Happy Maione (Uma)

  • Lives in Columbia, MD with her new family!
  • Litter: H
  • Ribbon Color: Orange (previously gray at 1 day old)
  • Weight: 12/18/16 - 9 lbs
  • Registration Type: Limited
  • Location: Columbia, MD

Orange Collar

"Even before you came into this world, you were in my heart.  Markings:  All blue with an upside down triangle on her chest."   1 day old    1.21 lbs   (11/09/16) 


"This is my MONSTER puppy!  She was the last one born and no wonder... she wanted to stay in as long as possible to finish EATING!  Don't let her big size fool you though because she is ver calm and relaxed.  She's not food driven as she apparently has no fear of it disappearing.  I'm eager to see how well she does with her first nail clipping."   1 week old    1.60 lbs   (11/16/16) 


"Eyes are open, ears are open, and this little girl was very upset with me for waking her up and ruining her warm spot in bed while I tried to get her nails done!  After she realized that I wasn't putting her down either way, she huffed and puffed and decided that she would let me do her nails, but it obvioiusly had to be on HER terms!!  She's going to be a very strong willed big girl!  She did very well with the Bio-Sensor exercises and quickly fell back asleep."   3 weeks old    3.56 lbs   (11/30/16) 


"Full play is in session!  These little ones have sharp teeth, lapping goats milk on their own as a supplement to mom, and have gained enough strength and coordination that they are walking all over, no longer stumbling.  There's already been horse-play, with tugging, pulling, growling, and fiesty paws... but now out of this little cutie!  She has been the calmest puppy I have EVER had to date!!  So much, I'm scheming for a way for me to hide her in our home so I can keep her for myself. "   4 weeks old    5 lbs   (12/07/16)