Mafia’s Hector Scarpelli (Thunder)

  • Green (Male)

Mafia’s Hector Scarpelli (Thunder)

  • Lives in Elkridge, MD with his new family!
  • Litter: H
  • Ribbon Color: Green
  • Weight: 12/18/16 - 7.7 lbs
  • Registration Type: Limited
  • Location: Elkridge, MD
  • Website:


"Even before you came into this world, you were in my heart.  Markings:  All blue with a small white line going down his chest."   1 day old    1.18 lbs   (11/09/16) 


"As I picked him up for his photos, my heart sank... did something happen to him?  I frantically "ruffled" him up trying to get him to breathe and he slowly lifted his head in my direction as if to say, "mom, really?  Do you mind?  I'm trying to lay here on the nice warm heating pad and just chill.  Yet another one of my very relaxed boys."   1 week old    1.22 lbs   (11/16/16) 


"Eyes are open, ears are open, and this little guy was all over the place when it came to getting his nails done!  He was very excited to be held and played with as he's the one picking on all the other litter mates as they sleep!  He's the one yelling "wake up gang"!  He did very well with the Bio-Sensor exercises and they seem to put him in a trance.  He also loves to have his head rubbed as he does little happy grunts."   3 weeks old    2.63 lbs   (11/30/16) 


"Full play is in session!  These little ones have sharp teeth, lapping goats milk on their own as a supplement to mom, and have gained enough strength and coordination that they are walking all over, no longer stumbling.  There's already been horse-play, with tugging, pulling, growling, and fiesty paws!"   4 weeks old    3.57 lbs   (12/07/16)