Mafia’s Matty Ianniello (Erebus - Dark Blue)

Mafia’s Matty Ianniello (Erebus - Dark Blue)

  • Lives in Suffolk, VA with his new family!
  • Litter: I
  • Ribbon Color: Dark Blue
  • Weight: 4.14 lbs. on 12/26/17 (33 days old)
  • Registration Type: Limited
  • Spay / Neuter Received: Pending
  • Location: Suffolk, VA

This little one is very chill.  Doesn’t cry a lot and just always seems content no matter what’s going on around him (1.21 lbs at Birth - 11/28/17)

 Started Bio-Sensor.  Steadily growing!  (1.41 lbs. - 11/30/17)

Little Erebus is doing amazing!  He has become very calm and boy is he an eater!  (2.14 lbs. - 12/05/17)

Everyone got their toenails clipped and did wonderfully!  Actually, all babies ended up falling asleep on my lap as I shortened their little nails.  Teeth have started to erupt and everyone is now learning how to lap goats milk.  They are starting to stand up all the way, and slowly make their way around their bed.   Everyone is getting their de-wormer as needed & will get their 1st set of shots in 4 more weeks.  We have continued to do the Bio-Sensor and are now starting to work on the "8 Rule" as well.  (3.05 lbs. on 12/14/17 18 days old)

Everyone is eating mush and LOVING it!  Now that they are getting some solid food, they will start to grow very quickly.  They are all over the place, playing, showing dominance, and getting and giving lots of lovings (4.14 lbs. on 12/26/17 33 days old)