General Dane Care

As I'm sure you've read, there isn't ANYTHING easy or simple about Great Danes other than the love they give... AND their ease of grooming!

There is however still basic grooming requirements that should be followed to keep your Dane happy and healthy.

Bathing:  Danes are normally clean dogs that will require very little in the bathing dept. however, should your Dane need a bath, be sure to use very light sensitive shampoo.  I even reccomend using Baby Shampoo for their sensitive skin. 

Brushing:  Danes may not have a thick long coat, however they do shed!  In the darker colors they will start to turn a reddish / brown color when they start to blow their coat.  Using a few swipes with a shedding blade will help remove the loose hair and give your Dane back their lusterous shiny coat. 

Nails:  I can not begin to tell you how important it is to keep their nails clipped short!  This is for a few reasons.  A Great Dane is supposed to walk high on their feet /toes.  When their nails start to get too long, Danes have a tendency to walk back on their wrists / hocks, lengthening their feet and causing an unsightly gait / walk.  Danes will also break / split open their nails if they get too long and once they split it is very difficult to keep your Dane from licking / walking on the broken nail, thus prolonging the healing process. 

Ears:  Whether cropped or natural, all ears need to be cleaned.  Take a few cottonballs & moisten with hydrogen peroxide.  Use the cotton ball to clean, sanitize, and deodorize those large Dane ears!

Bedding:  Great Danes are known to have many health issues, including growth / joint problems.  I always suggest that your Dane sleep on a thick and supportive mattress located on a raised bed.   They are not normally comfortable with laying on hard surfaces, nor is it good for them.

Feeding:  Raised bowls!   There have been studies that originally thought that bloat was a product of Danes not eating at an elevated level.  This has since been proved wrong, however, it does cause your Dane less body stress to eat / drink at an elevated level.  All our Danes and puppies eat using an elevated dish for both food and water. 


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